Wrights Room by Shelley Wright

During my journey of becoming a physical education teacher, I have learned the importance of passion, understanding what works and does not work and the struggles that teacher endure as well as the students.  While reading the blog Wrights room and the posts in the blog, I found myself saying “I have felt this before.”  I really thought to myself what an inspiring blog for teachers to read because every post has happened to all teachers.  Shelley Wright is a high school educator in Moose Jaw, SK.  She has also been a vice principal at the elementary school level.  Her experiences has a teacher and administrator is so valuable for other teachers to learn from her blog.  Understanding how to endure “tough times” as a teacher will only help you and your students.  Some of the posts discuss how being yourself as a teacher strengthens you and your classroom, how not to be afraid to fail and her experiences has a vice principal.  I really like this blog because it gives you a view from the teacher shoes and administration shoes.

Be yourself!!  That is advice that you hear all the time.  The post on her blog talks about she has taken other positions within the educational setting, but she never felt a right as she did in the classroom.  She discusses how she took a job as a vice principal, but she was not passionate about her position.  Instead of teaching, which was her real passion, her time was filled with “paperwork and discipline.”  I feel this was a great post because all teachers need to be themselves.  Student, especially as they get older, can see right through the teachers.  I have experienced this at the high school level with my job.  The main point from this post is that you have to be passionate with whatever you do in life.  If your happy doing something, you will have a great time and enjoy yourself and your students.  Sometimes you have to fail in order to succeed.  Another post talks about how you can’t be scared to fail.  I  love one of her quotes, “’d like to see a school division really embrace that motto.”  I feel this to be true in every level of the educational setting and also outside to educational setting.  Our students today are so driven and pushed to score high scores on test and achieve high grades on report cards.  Now don’t get me wrong, those are very important, but some students just never will achieve those goals and that is okay.  As the teacher, there are some things that you will do that will fail and wont work.  There are things the student will do that will fail.  And again, that is okay, what matters the most is if you learn from your failures.  The best quote from this post is ” sometimes when we’re changing, success can look like failure.”  What a great thought and reflection for a teacher to use as their motto.  She discusses here experiences as a vice principal on the blog to see both sides of the educational setting.  This post is on that I feel all teachers should read and think about.  I know at my job, sometimes there are disagreements between each side.   She talks about how she has learned the elementary school ways because her background is in high school.  It’s good to understand both sides of the spectrum to increase the positive relationships for the students.


This blog really got my attention because I feel the topic were close to what I have experienced over the last six years at my job.  The most important aspects of teaching are discussed in this blog, including passion, learning to deal with failure and other sides of the spectrum.  I would highly urge you to visit this blog to understand both sides of the educational setting.  These post are extremely professional and well delivered.  I really enjoyed this blog from Shelley Wright and after reading this blog, I have learned some very valuable tools to become the best teacher I can be.


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